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Carrie Tansley

home stager, interior decorator

Carrie Tansley

Stoney Creek, ON

Interior Design & Home Staging

Carrie is attempting to leave the corporate world and pursue her many passions. Her first passion is to find and recycle her best finds, as well as consignments from around the Hamilton Area. Carrie also would love to own her very own store where she can display these new life pieces. Carrie’s love of architecture, interior design and well-honed buying skills naturally led her to home staging.
“I love interior Design & home staging because it allows me to use so many of the skills I’ve learned over the years. After holding many high-level corporate positions, I am extremely budget, and deadline oriented. And of course, my unique sense of design comes through with everything I do. I love working with people and helping potential clients maximize their property's potential.”
“My goal is to make a property show beautifully. I want prospective clients to walk away from a property I transformed and say, ‘I could live there!’”

Carrie was born and raised in Bramalea, Ontario. She has lived in Stoney Creek since 2020 with her loving family and is an avid walker, hiker, lover of the outdoors as well as a flea market & antique aficionado.


Stage With Care offers a wide variety of Interior Design & Staging services including:
Interior Design, Property Styling and Organizing. Vacant property staging, Lived-in property staging, Rental unit staging.

Home staging is a process in which a home is prepared for sale in order to showcase it in the best possible light and in a way that appeals to a wide range of potential buyers.
• Staged homes are sold 3 times faster
• Staged homes are sold for 6-15% more money
• Staging increases the value of your property
• Staging prepares your property for sale
• Staging prepares homeowner to move
• Staging eases, the stress associated with moving
Staging your home gives your home an instant market advantage over other homes for sale in your neighborhood. Your home will show superior in your real estate advertising, and therefore generate a lot more interest. Statistics show that staged homes are sold on average three times faster (generally within a week after showing) and they sell for 6-15% more money. We will also prepare your home for the move and therefore help to eliminate the stress associated with moving.

Interior Design
Great design doesn’t just look good, it must function and reflect you, the homeowner, and your lifestyle. Whether you want to use what you already have, purchase new items, or include vintage pieces, Stage with Care Interiors can work with you to bring your dreams to reality.

Initial Consultation
As part of the initial consultation, we will meet at your residence to discuss your project in detail and answer your design related questions. We can offer ideas on what will work best in your home, keeping in mind how you use the space and the atmosphere that you are trying to achieve. It is a collaborative and personal process, but in the end our goal is to create a space that truly reflects its inhabitants and works with your needs, wants and budget.
Every project with Stage with Care Interiors begins with an Initial Consultation. This can be a one- time consultation, or a first meeting to prepare for a larger project ahead. This stage is where we get to know one another and is simply a 90-minute opportunity to explore options and make the best plan for your space. We offer advice on paint colors, finishes, window treatments, furniture, space layout & priority planning, depending on your needs.
Alternatively, this meeting is the first step in establishing your needs, desires & scope of work for your up-coming project. We’ll discuss your options & investment amount to create a plan that will turn your dreams into reality before proceeding to the next level of services.