Hollie Peer

event planner , wedding planner

Taking the stress out of planning your events!

My name is Hollie Peer, I enjoy planning events of any shape and size. My level of involvement in event planning can range from everything from start to finish of an event, or as simple as ensuring that the day of the event that everything runs smoothly. I offer a wide variety of unique ideas, any ideas or inspirations that you have I can make happen.

I grew up in a relatively small town where I spent 6 years gaining experience at a wedding store. I am currently completing the Wedding and Event Planning course, and I am confident that I will be able to assist people with their events at this time. I have 6 years experience in planning weddings, consisting of invitations, hall decorating, layouts, setting up budgets, set up and take down of hall decorating.


I offer services that fall into 3 categories. The first option that I offer is start to finish planning, from the time you set a date, up to and including the day of the event. I assist with all details concerning the event, while helping create the vision that you are looking for. This gives the client more time to choose the smaller details and works well for busy clients.

The second option that I like to offer is for assistance with the smaller details that come up within the last few weeks or months before the event. This works well for clients who have taken on the big issues and need some assistance to see their vision come together.

The third option that I like to offer is for the day of the event. We would meet several weeks before the day of the event and go over all the details. At this time I would require a timeline for the day, so that I am able to have everything set up and prepared. This service is simply to take the stress out of planning the event, the client is able to show up and just enjoy themselves and their company.