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Anna Mongeluzo

fashion merchandiser, makeup artist, personal stylist, special fx makeup artist

Anna Mongeluzo

Roslyn, NY

Play Your Part

My name is Anna Mongeluzo and I have been an artistic person for as long as I can remember. Aside from painting and drawing, I love to use a fresh face as my canvas. From special effects to a natural glow, I am sure to make every look I create appealing, realistic, and unforgettable. Unless of course, the look is meant to be unappealing. I specialize in film makeup because I am capable of doing more than just a smokey eye, and have creative thoughts running through my head majority of the time. I aim to make my clients very satisfied. I am a perfectionist, so whatever dramatic or even laid back look I create will be done without any imperfections.

I grew up in Roslyn, New York. I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising after graduating from High Point University. I am 22 years old at the moment. As far as my passions go, lets just say that they prove I am extremely right-brained. My passions include makeup artistry, film acting, dance, painting, drawing, and fashion as well. I have been creating different forms of art for as long as I can remember. After realizing my true talent for painting and drawing, I decided it was best to make something of it. I thought of the great love I had for applying makeup, and eventually put two and two together. Once practicing on a few friends, I had then recognized another talent I had hidden this whole time that I could bring into the world. I have been constantly applying makeup on my friends, as well as myself for two years now and I do not plan on stopping. From drastic changes to simple changes, I succesfully and constantly create different looks that my clients admire me for. I love to do special effects because this brings out my creative side a whole lot. I have many thoughts that flow through my head that I used to love to express on a canvas, and now being able to use a face as my canvas creates a happy ending for both me and my clients. I love to make people happy, and this is one way I love to do it.


I have my own makeup kit that I enjoy using on everybody. For those who choose to use their own makeup instead, that is okay with me. As far as skin goes I understand how sensitive some skin can be, and I would never want to interfere with that. I am extremely easy-going, so as long as we are not over an hour drive away and my schedule is open, I would have the honor to do a clients makeup whenever, and wherever. I enjoy working with music and do not like talking during sessions because I like to be as focused I can possible on any look I am trying to create on a client. Music helps me focus, and I am happy playing any music of the clients choosing. I want to go into film makeup because I can do many kinds of special effects, as well as a typical or sexy look. I never struggle to make my thoughts reality on any face, and that's why this is such hobby of mine. I personally would love to work for as many actresses and actors as I possibly can because I know I can truly help them play their part.