LaShonda Green

event planner

"Graceful Touch is not just a name, it's my way of doing business."

Have a special occasion in mind, but don’t have the time or tenacity to pull it off? Want to host a special event for your friends and family, but don’t know where to begin?

Give Graceful Touch a call! I’ll make your ordinary event idea an extraordinary reality. Here at Graceful Touch, it is my mission to make the planning of your special occasion as stress-less for you as possible and give it a graceful touch...

Greetings! My name is LaShonda Green and I am the Owner & Operator of Graceful Touch: Event Planning & Prints. In my love of celebrating others, I decided the best way to share in the Joys of others is to help them with planning their specail occasions. I embody a spirit to serve so this is the best career choice for a flower like myself to grow in.

What’s in a name…

Graceful is defined as being characterized by elegance or beauty of form, manner, movement, or speech

Touch is defined as to mark or relieve slightly, as with color to matter of importance to; make difference to; affect


Graceful Touch is a small home based business striving to be the ideal source when someone is thinking of planning an event. We provide our clients with the utmost graceful and professional event planning service around. We work closely with the client to find out what it is they have in mind and what it is they can afford to make the best with whatever budget we have to work with. With constant communication with our clients, we do our very best to make their special occasion extraordinary.


QC school of Event Planning Ottawa, ON
Certification in Event & Wedding Planning ~ 2011

Northwood University Midland, MI
Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing/Management ~ 2006


Over the last couple of years I had the honor of helping family members, friends, and my church put together a variety of events. I love to celebrate others!

In April 2010, I had the pleasure of being on the Lead Team for the planning of my Pastor’s Wife a Surprised Birthday party. My responsibility was to create invitation and programs for the event. I took my part serious even though it was a small part. I believe every position counts, so I worked hard on the creativity put into the invitations and the programs. The Pastor’s Wife was very surprised and appreciative of all the hard work that was put into the surprise.

In October 2009, I had the honor of being the director of the committee in planning my new Pastor’s Installation Service. I was the overseer of all the planning and approving the disbursement of funds. I also served as the onsite coordinator the day of the service to make sure the guest were made welcome and the service went on without error. The event was a success.

In July 2009, I had the honor of planning my cousin’s High School Graduation Open House. There was no real budget for this event, it was held in my sister’s back yard and it was Pot-Luck dinner in Honor of the Graduate. Family & friends gathers to share in this grate milestone and the graduate was very pleased with my work.

In March 2006, I had the honor of helping my best friend planning her wedding in a little less than 2 weeks. It was a nice small ceremony of about 25 guest and we pulled ceremony & reception off perfectly. The bride & groom were very pleased with the results.


Types of Services:


~ Initially, Graceful Touch will set a meeting with the client to deliberate on what the client has in mind for their special occasion and what Graceful Touch has to offer the client. If the client feels Graceful Touch is not in their budget but still would like budgeting help, Graceful Touch will offer a Quick Kit to help them with their planning.

Planning and Prep

~ Graceful Touch can arrange venues, vendors, supplies and invitation for a client who can host for themselves or have a coordinator for their special occasion. Graceful Touch will also assists in setting up before the clients special occasion takes place.

Event Coordination

~ Graceful Touch can attend a client’s special occasion to supervise and maintain order over the day’s activities. As our client, it is your responsible to enjoy your special occasion while we handle “Murphy’s Law.”

Complete Service

~ Graceful Touch can walk a client through every step of the planning, coordinating, and closing of a special occasion. If it makes a client feel better to have us walk with them, we are willing every step of the way to make their special occasion extraordinary.