QC Career School

Charlotte Durston

event planner

Making events look easy !!

Being a young events planner, relying on recommendations is very important to show potential clients that I am serious about what I do.
With some events experience, I am aware every event varies drastically,
With experience in many different aspects, I feel I hold all the key qualities to run a successful event for you.


unfortunately planning such an important and memorable event doesn't come easily nor stress free, we are aware of the time, effort and care that goes into the planning of an event with the average event taking months to planning !!

It is possible to have the event you have dreamt of with out the stress and time consumption of planning.

Listening to what you what is the key part to planning your event

What ever style you are looking for i can garentee that we can put this event together for you tell us what you want/ dont want and leave the rest up to us, planning any event, we are here to help along the way with anything and everything that needs to be done!!