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Emerald Glitters

Emerald Miller

makeup artist

Emerald Miller

Seattle/Renton, WA

i am a Seattle based makeup artist. I specialize in glamorous and dramatic makeup looks and all things colorful and sparkly. I believe everyones life would be a little better with a little sparkle in it!

i grew up in seattle, and have always idolized the makeup industry and knew i wanted to be a part of it by the age of 5. living in seattle, i was exposed to many different forms of art very early. the one i have fell in love with most has been drag makeup. i think seeing the fearlessnes of their artistry is what drew me to it the way it did, and thats exactly what i try to convey in my makeup looks.
i have also grown an admiration for cultural makeup and plan to increase my knowledge of different cultures bridal and traditional makeup techniques


natural makeup face
bridal makeup
full glam face