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Sheila Berger

wedding planner

Sheila Berger

Hendersonville / Asheville, NC

All That Glitters Events is your personal Design and Event Coordination Team!
Our company serves the Asheville, Hendersonville, Lake Lure,

Creativity-Romance-Elegance- need we say more? Sheila's creative process eliminates the cookie-cutter wedding syndrome. We incorporate family culture, traditions and design trends to make your event unique and create memories that last a lifetime.

I have been serving the Hendersonville and Asheville area for 20 years working in the medical profession as a RN and Muscular Therapist. The skills I have learned from the medical field have been very useful in the wedding/event planning. From having to make rapid decisions, to establishing and executing plans for the events.
Even though I enjoy these areas I love the energy and creativity that I am allowed in working with brides on their weddings and have been coordinating black-tie affairs and weddings for 5 years. This year I have also been contracted by Biltmore United Methodist Church to work as their wedding Liaisons.
Over the past 5 years I have established relationships with vendors and have developed insight into working in different locations.

I am able to provide services that no other wedding planner can offer their clients. Total care for the brides needs. I offer skin care, relaxation from pre-wedding stress, and fun with bridal spa parties. Not like the spas at other business. Our spa parties are exclusive affairs for just you and your bridesmaids that allow personal attention.


The average bride will spend 750 hours in preparing for her wedding.
We bring you quotes from pre-screened professionals that fit your style, vision and, most importantly, your budget.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Consultations basic hourly rate: $25.00 per hour
For the bride who loves to do everything but is looking for exceptional ideas and needs resources for the purchase of supplies and materials. Plans for a friend or family member to act as her coordinator or a very tight budget to work with for her wedding

Wedding Director for the Day of Ceremony Basic package 4 - 6 hours of service: $500.00

This is designed with the bride who has already completed all the requirements for her wedding but wants or needs someone to supervise and manage the wedding and oversee the set-up of the reception.
Includes the following:
Meeting at the wedding and reception site
Unlimited emails and phone conversations for
updates, changes and suggestions
Collection of contracts and contact information of
all vendors
Rehersal for one hour
1 - 2 supporting members from ATGE staff
Overseeing of Reception site set-up
Arrives one hour prior to wedding or sooner if
arrangements are made
Stays until reception program per arrangements
are completed

Wedding Day Coordinator (for the day-of-ceremony) $1200.00 basic package

For the brides who have established vendors and location of wedding, but require assistance with
the completion of the wedding program. Includes the following, and more:
Wedding Director Services
Development of a detailed wedding timeline and
floor plan for contracted vendors and bridal
Management of vendor and decor setup at ceremony
and reception site
Event manager on-site the day of your wedding

Champagne Package $2400.00 basic package

For the bride who because of lack of time or needs assistance in finding vendors, or is a destination bride, or who may need consultation on Do It Yourself Projects. Includes the following, and more:

Wedding Day Director Services
Wedding Day Coordinator Services
Initial meeting to develop wedding style and budget
Arrangement and attendace of vendor meetings
RSVP tracking and seating chart coordination
Arranging a table mock-up with linen and floral
centerpieces at the reception site with the vendor
and florist

Gold Package $4000.00 basic package

For the bride who wants her location for the wedding to be embelished with draping and lighting effects. She works excessive hours. Or is not a visionary person and needs for the wedding planner to manage most of the contracts and finding locations for the wedding and reception.
This package includes but is not limited to:
Wedding Director
Wedding Day Coordinator
Champagne Package
Supplies the material and objects need to create,
decorate and achieve the look and "feel" of her

Platinum Package $6000.00 basic package

For the bride who needs assistance with everything. The bride is very detailed oriented and wants unique, creative styles for the wedding and reception site.
This package includes but is not limited to:
Wedding Director
Wedding Day Coordinator
Champagne Package
Gold Package
Decoration of the reception site. Three to four
extra staff from ATGE

Engagement Package
Especially designed for the man who wants to ask the love his life to marry him and wants to set a private romantic evening for the proposal
Price vary depending upon:
Location of the services
Menu selection
Spa services

Gift certificates are available for the following:
We offer a full service Day Spa

Bridesmaid Lunceons-Tea Party/ Spa
Prices vary depending on location, food selection, and spa services

Bridal Spa Services
Skin care to enable the brides to have beautiful soft and glowing skin for their wedding day.
Price vary depending on location of service
Type of spa packages
Menu selection


We wanted our wedding from beginning to end to be uniquie. Because the area that we were to host the wedding and reception we wanted to create some fun, but elegant themes. Sheila connected with the right photographer and found "Delmar" the car for our save the date shot and they lived happily ever after guest book that came from the shots we did with the car and the hotel that was built in 1912. Patrick Swazey filmed Dirty Dancing there. Sheila created pew candle holders as the aisle of the church was very narrow and long. She also had the blacksmith creat long floor standing candle sticks to help fill in the space in the upper stage then she used the most beautiful dressing on the different ht candle stick. with the Churches craftsman wooden framing and stained glass window that held her beautiful greenery around the large candles I felt like I had stepped into the magic of Narnia. She left no stone unturned to make the event not only beautiful, but we stayed on time throughout the day, and whatever popped up her mantra, it's ok, I've got this. I am a bit of a control freak, but when she would make this statement I never worried because. it was more than ok, and yes! She had this all in the palm of her hand!

Lauren and Bryce, Asheville, NC

I still have the warmest thoughts in my memories as I reflect back on my wedding day. Sheila and her assistants through their hearts into the transformation of our wedding site. The reception area was beautiful, but the venue didn't have window treatments and they faced this old unattractive buildings with huge power lines. Sheila sat down and drew pictures of how the room would become. The building wasn't totally done and I just took a leap of faith that she could make this place so beautiful for us. Mom and dad said they could not have gotten through the ordeal without her. She was so wonderful and supportive of our hopes and dreams.

Cheryl and Vience, Asheville, Nc

I was one of Sheila's first weddings. I had a very tight budget. I had really wanted the wedding to be outdoor in a victorian garden. My mom said it was too risky. The church Chris and I attended was a very large Baptist Church in Atlanta. I can still remember the look on Sheila's face when we showed her the church. In no time at all she had a "vision" of an indoor garden. We permitted to use all the silk trees in the church and classrooms. My Aunt had a fabric store that had this beautiful nylon fabric that she donated to Sheila. We brought in a gazebo and with all her finishing touches recruting several of my family members for acts of love to assist with the decorating. When I walked in after all the hard work was completed, my heart was overwhelmed to be able to have my dream come true and to have such beauty and love surround me

Erica and Chris