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Alexis Robinson

makeup artist

Alexis Robinson

Bellevue, OH


Hello everyone, if you've made it to my page then that must mean you're looking for someone to do your makeup! My name is Alexis, I'm 24 and a mother to 4 children. For the longest time I have loved makeup but I never knew what I was really doing up until three years ago. After a breakup & having kids all I wanted was to love myself again. I wanted to feel beautiful and confident. I started watching makeup artists on YouTube and I have self taught myself ever since then! I decided to pursue my career in makeup so here I am. When people tell me they don't know how to do their makeup or they feel like they won't look pretty, it just makes me want to do their makeup. Anyone who has ever gotten their makeup done by me has never been disappointed. My goal is to make you feel good about yourself and love the image you see in the mirror when I'm done. I'm currently in school for "Master Makeup Artistry". I have self taught on the best ways to apply foundation, which types, colors and more. I can help you have beautiful eyebrows and popping eyes. All in all, you will be satisfied and look flawless in the end. I can help you achieve beautiful glowing skin on your wedding day or amazing eye makeup for your prom night. Whichever it is, I'm here for it all.


Wedding Party:

*Bride: $140 (includes lashes, or $120 without )

*Bridesmaids: 5 @ $60 = $300

* Brides Mother & Grooms Mother (2) @ $60 = $120

* Additional Hours for retouching makeup: 4 hours @ $30 an hour
* Deposit of half the total cost due at booking! Additional fees are to be paid on wedding day.

*Prom makeup: $50 with lashes. $30 without

*Photoshoot makeup: $150 Includes travel. $100 local