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Sharell Ferguson, MBA

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Sharell Ferguson, MBA


"Creating forever moments..."

This journey is one in which I have anticipated for the last few months and I am so excited to be starting officially toward becoming a certified international wedding and event planning professional. I look forward to all that the industry has to offer and bringing all my creativity, charm, personality and organizational as well as communications skill I have to enhance this industry even more! I do hope to meet and work with event planners throughout the world, and I hope that my business, SageEden, will grow as a result of my participation in the QC Event Planning School! And we're off!

SageEden represents wisdom and delight...untouched beauty and connectivity to our source in a place of joy and sheer peace. My love for planning events and my natural creativity inspired me to pursue a certified wedding and event planning professional. I truly believe in doing what you love to do most, doing it well, and getting paid to do it well.

Coordinating, and executing excellent presentations have always been a passion of mine. SageEden was birthed out of my love to "create forever moments" that will make people smile, grow and remember forever...For years I have been coordinating events for family, friends, and local/international companies.

My degrees in Communications, Public Relations, and Business Administration, (from The College of The Bahamas, Howard University, Washington DC and Nova Southeastern University, Florida) have fostered a spirit of excellence provided in a timely manner in me. Additionally, my love for bringing joy to those around me helps me to do my best to make your events and shopping purchases memorable.

Being trained as an International Wedding and Event Planning Professional from The QC School of Event Planning, Canada has also allowed me to appreciate time, detail and people even more!
Traveling to various countries including The United States, England, Madrid, Trinidad and Tobago among others has increased my appreciation for peoples of all cultures. We all love beauty and we always have a reason to celebrate- just contact me to do it for you! I would love to help!
Shopping for others has also been a role that family and friends and corporate individuals have bestowed on me for many years. I have always been commended for the gifts I've picked out for people based on the basic descriptions provided me.

Additionally, I am a problem solver, and I understand that many people do not love shopping due to high traffic seasons, or their schedules may not allow for it. The Thought That Counts would love to meet this need for you!

It is my pleasure to share my God-given gifts and talents with the world. From destination to local events, we make it happen! I would love to create forever moments for you!


SageEden's Save The Moment, Event Planning" is the event planning company that brings your imagination to life through the strategic coordination and personalized touch to any event. We pull out our creative hats to make your birthday, anniversary, milestone party, wedding, shower, corporate social, meeting, photoshoot or destination event unique, customized and spectacular!
Our services include:

* Wedding
* Anniversary
* Birthday Party
* Childrens' Party
* Corporate Meeting/Conference
* Fund Raisers
* Retirement Party
* Graduation Party
* College Reunions
* Photoshoots
* Surprise Parties
* Book Launches

At "The Thought That Counts", we provide personalized shopping and surprise services where we work with you to help you achieve those shopping goals for yourself or for your loved ones.

Our services are limitless and are customized to meet your individual needs. We provide shopping services for birthdays, anniversary occasions, or will even assist you with selecting the perfect engagement ring for your special someone. Furthermore, we provide corporate shopping services for employers who need assistance with finding the perfect gift of gratitude for their employees.