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Tiffany Hooper

wedding planner

Tiffany Hooper

Salt Lake City, VI

Once Upon a Time Weddings: Its the Perfect Start to Your Happily Ever After

It all begins with a Once Upon a Time. From the moment the first Storybook is closed until the Sparkling Diamond is slid on her finger every girl lays in bed late at night dreaming of her Fairytale Wedding. Thoughts of Champagne, Roses, Candles, and Lace bounce around their heads until every detail is complete.

Dreaming of your wedding is the easy part. In your mind everything flows together smoothly and it all ends up like you imagined with no problems or delays. Sadly, that is not how it really works. Delays, Broken Contracts, Stiffy Vendors, and Chaos are all on the Recipe card for a Dream Wedding. Your Wedding day should be remembered

Tiffany attended Utah State University in Logan, Utah. She studied Business and Public Relations. She was very involved with Student Government and started her love for event planning as the Campus Living Activites Director. She also participated as the Event Planner for her Sorority.
Since then she has moved to North Phoenix to advance her education at Arizona State University and partake in the famous Phoenix Valley Lifestyle. After coordinating a few small events she found her love for wedding planning.