Testimonials for Alicia Kaffka

"Our day was perfect and I was surprised how every detail was handled. When I called Alicia on our wedding day to ask if I needed to be doing anything she simply said "drinking champagne and relaxing". When we arrived at our venue we noticed that she went above and beyond her duties and she really cared about every detail. We even "forgot" to bring our guestbook, pen and serving utensils and within 30 mins she had them replaced. She solved so many things for us before the wedding day and gave us peace of mind the day of. Our rentals were high quality and her planning discount really saved us. I couldn't be more enthusiastic about recommending Paraiso Events."

Sarah & Greg

"Alicia came into my life after a series of very horrible events with another planner. With only 7 weeks to go until our wedding she convinced me to meet with her. After that the wedding turned from a nightmare to a dream, as corny as that sounds. She handled everything, even taking phone calls from my relatives with professionalism and grace. Not only a great planner she is a great person as well. My wedding went from barely happening to being worthy of a magazine. She saved me a ton of money on decor and it looked beautiful, as she really got the "feel" of what I wanted. We thanked her on our day and I want to thank her so much now. I look back on my wedding and feel so happy, and that is in large part, due to Alicia Kaffka".

Ashley & Ryan

ÒThank you for an absolutely superb job well done. Really everything happened, as I wanted it to happen. The organization and background work both before and on the day made it possible. Without you we could not have achieved the result we wanted. I could never have pulled it off and there was not a thing you missed. The house looked fantastic, the ceremony was perfect, the hall looked amazing, the food was just superb and the buses were a lifesaverÓ.

Virginia & Patrick

ÒThank you so much for everything you did for us. It was our dream wedding and more! I am so happy that my family got to relax and that we had someone to take care of everything. Hiring you was the best decision that I could have made and you were right about that fact that hiring you would actually save us money. I will make sure to tell everyone what a wonderful job you didÓ.

Nicole & Sergio

You are the best. I couldnÕt believe that it was our reception hall that we were walking into. The flowers and the tables looked AMAZING and you did it all under budget. My family will be talking about this for a long time. Thanks to your emergency kit too, I would have been devastated if I had to walk down the aisle with a ripped dress".

Sarah & Mark