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Suzanna Jacobson

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Every bride deserves The Very Best.....

Suzanna Jacobson createdThe Very Best Wedding & Event Design Companyto make a difference.

She says... "I firmly believe in marriage and the passion I have for getting it right every time, for every bride. I have a large portfolio in event planning and have worked within great establishments including Oxford University. I hope you share my vision for The Very Best in hosting your occasions and look forward to being part of your successful celebrations.."

A wedding journey is a unique and special event, a time for happy gatherings, commitment and the hope of perfect things to come. For some, it is a reminder of their own happy day, but for all who take part, a wedding brings joy and builds beautiful memories for future years.

A wedding journey is not just to be enjoyed over a day or two; rather it is to be treasured from its first moment of engagement. In the planning stage, there are many things to consider and when time is so precious, it is not always possible to do everything yourself.

With The Very Best Wedding & Event Design, you will have the opportunity to have the finest resources at your fingertips, knowing that when you are living and working your busy lives, there is someone organising, checking, arranging and negotiating on your behalf, helping to pull together your dreams to ensure your wedding day is simply perfect.

A beautiful, elegant bride to be, and all her wishes, deserves to have

The Very Best.....


Wedding Planning Services offered are:


We meet together and discuss your requirements. We look at a variety of things including dates, guest numbers, budget, possible venues and your thoughts on how much help you might need. We look at themes and colours, music and entertainment as well as fine dining and perfect flowers and any decisions or choices you may have already made. We can swap ideas and inspirations, and get a real understanding of what is important to you.

Full Planning

From Engagement to the Wedding Day.
Complete assistance giving you as much support and advice as you would like. This includes helping you search for the perfect venue, to securing the best suppliers. Ensuring your budget stays on target is an important part of the planning, we will make sure you have the very best as we negotiate on your behalf.

Eight Weeks Before...

For the last eight weeks we can step in and assist you. Check how things are going, sign off against your schedule, take a look at the budget, finalise with suppliers and make any changes or amendments if necessary. This is a special time when you can hand over to us, and concentrate on yourself. Lunch with friends and family, taking a day out to a spa, or shopping for your honeymoon without the pressure of finalising your plans or problem solving.

On The Day Co-ordination

24 hours prior to and on the wedding day – you will not believe how necessary and essential this is!

Event Design for Other Special Celebrations include...
• Engagement
• Anniversaries
• Birthday
• Christenings
• Christmas & New Year
• Graduation Parties
• Corporate Events