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Gretchen Class-Diaz

interior decorator

Gretchen Class-Diaz

Atlanta, GA

As a young lady, I had many dreams, and I STILL DO! I thought that my calling in high school was fashion editing. I pursued my passion and graduated with a Communications degree, even though in my second year of the program, I concluded that journalism would be an incredibly challenging career choice. I realized then that my true passion was connecting with people and be in the creative world.

You see, my father was an advertising artist all his life. We were lucky enough to be one of the very few families in the neighborhood that owned a Macintosh back in 1983. On the other hand, my mother was a master decorator and cook, “hostess extraordinaire,” and a social missionary. Through her, I got the “bug” for serving people and giving back to my community. In the end, the apple does not fall far from the tree.

After finishing my degree, I started working in advertising and went on to plan events in Puerto Rico, the beautiful island where I was born and raised. In 2007, I leaped and moved to Washington, DC, to explore the non-profit world. I must admit that the 8+ years I worked in DC shaped me into how I like to work and collaborate today. It was very fulfilling to steward donors and serving my community in a meaningful way. The work kept me honest and humble and helped me understand and appreciate the ups and downs of the “power and influence” of today’s life and work. It also confirmed that simplicity, giving back, and family values should be our true north.

After that experience, and now that I am married and live in Atlanta, I decided to take my life into my own hands and start Studio CRiSP. I cannot tell you how exciting it feels to combine your passion with your talent. I now work on planning and creating great spaces and experiences for others.

It is indeed my dream job!

All of this, combined with being married to the most wonderful man, my husband Leo, I need nothing else in this world. When I am not working, we are traveling, exploring new restaurants and wine, spending time with our family and friends, and “binging” on documentaries, books, and of course, home decor.

Gretchen Class-Diaz is the founder of Studio Crisp, LLC, a boutique consulting studio that provides event planning, interior decor, project management, and strategic partnerships. She brings over 20 years of experience in event planning and non-profit management and a long history of working with the Hispanic community.


Everything in our lives requires a process, a plan to be executed. Of course, one always wants a project to be a success story worth sharing. Our commitment is integrity, effectiveness, and concierge-style services to our clients. We infuse these values into four specific services and experiences: event planning, interior decor, project management, and strategic partnerships.

Whatever the experience you want to co-create with us, we intend to make it seamless, effective, and impactful.

Here’s what we provide:

Concept and Strategy
Event and Interior Decor
Planning and Execution Support
Full Service or Scope of Project
Sourcing and Shopping

Here’s the process we like to practice:

Inspirations + Ideation
Event Vision+ Interior Styling
Sourcing + Shopping
Implementation + Execution