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Tamara Tanev
Irvine, CA

Home of Soul and Creativity

At Meraki Home Staging Studio our mission is to make your home shine by showcasing your space to maximize value, increase rentals, and sell your property fast.

CEO and Founder Tamara Tanev, infuses “Meraki” — soul, creativity, and love into every square foot of your home. Whether you’re a homeowner or real estate professional we would love to work with you.


Vacant Home Staging:

Through our vacant home staging service, we’ll make your listing look absolutely stunning. Our professional team of designers will fully furnish and decorate your empty property and transform it into a home that’s staged to sell. This service includes design, inventory, delivery, installation, and break down. To learn more about vacant home staging contact us to set up an introductory consultation where you’ll receive quotes and pricing for your specific property.

Occupied Home Staging:

If your home is already fully furnished we can assist you with occupied home staging. Through this service our team of designer carefully arrange and stage your existing decor to prepare your home for real estate photography and showings, and broaden its appeal to prospective buyers.

Color Consulting:

As part of our color consulting service we combine color psychology, current trends, and prospect demographics to transform your property and maximize its value. When you sign up for a color consultation you’ll receive a detail report with a variety of options and recommendations from our team of specialists.

Vacation Rental Staging and Setup (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.):

For short-term vacation rentals we furnish, decorate, and fully prep your property to stand out among similar local listings, enhance rental appeal for your target demographic, and exceed regional style expectations. If you prefer handling the furnishing and styling yourself, we also offer a consultation with one of our vacation rental staging specialist where you’ll receive a detailed guide of recommendations for your property.

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