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Emma Taylor

event planner

Emma Taylor

Farnham Surrey

Stress Free Events

Welcome to my Event Planning page, my name is Emma Taylor and I have a passion for creating special memorable occasions. I love to organise my own parties/gatherings and am well known among my friends for hosting some fantastic evenings from Halloween parties to ‘The Rich and Famous’ themed nights. Whatever your theme or occasion, I’ll be happy to help you succeed in making those amazing memories!

More About Me
Since a young age I have always had a creative side. Art became a passion during my teens developing my mind to have a vivid imagination. I achieved an ‘A’ for Art and Design during my GCSE’s, after leaving secondary education I went on to do an Interior Design course and completed that to gain two A levels. I believe that my background in Interior Design will significantly benefit me in changing a plain room into a fantastic space that your guests will be amazed at. Currently I am a student with QC School of Wedding Planning and I am looking forward to making this my career.


I will be offering my services to and around my local area in Farnham, Surrey. I specialize in Events such as Birthdays, Christenings, Anniversaries, and other celebrations. Please feel free to email me to enquire about prices if you are interested.