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Virginie Feillens

wedding planner

Virginie Feillens

Montreal, QC
+1 514 570 5992

When your special day requires just the right touch!Marriage is a special chapter in our own personal love story. We all dream about fal

My name is Virginie.
My friends describe me as an energetic and passionate woman.
I bring you my passion for wedding planning, my passion for people, my planning skills, and my creativity to help you plan the wedding of your dreams.
I put the same enthusiasm and passion in every wedding I plan to make it special and unique for the client.
I constantly strive to find new creative and exciting ideas to make every wedding perfect and exceed my client’s expectations.
Let me do the work while you sit back and enjoy your wedding experience!

The journey that brought me to wedding planning is rather unique.

I studied accountancy in France. Then, I decided to travel around the world to broaden my horizons by discovering new places and new cultures. Traveling a lot gave me the opportunity to meet new people and new cultures. It also allowed me to develop new social skills and to have an open mind.

Studying wedding planning was a way for me to express my creativity and my passion for people.

QCschoolwedding gave me the knowledge I needed to start helping and guiding people throughout the wedding process and develop different skills like planning, organization and project management.


As a professional wedding planner, I offer personalized services in Montreal and surrounding areas, Ottawa and Toronto in Canada.
My goal is to ensure you relax and enjoy your wedding experience. Let me come up with creative ideas to make your wedding special while you save both time and money.
I will listen to you and guide you in all the aspects of the wedding process. I will answer all the questions you have about location venues, catering or vendors.
When your special day requires just the right touch, Virginie Feillens Creations is there to help ! Together, we will create magic.

For further information or a private consultation, email me : feillensv@gmail.com