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Jolie Miller

wedding planner

Jolie Miller

Gainesville, GA

Your fairy tale wedding begins here !

There is just something about a wedding day. Two people so in love and taking the first step in spending the rest of their lives together. Each couple is different, with their own story and vision. Being a wedding planner, I get the opportunity to help a couple create this special day.

You could say I have a passion for weddings and gala events, my family had owned a catering hall for well over 40 years. From a little girl I started out in the coat check and had worked my way up the ropes including helping brides plan their weddings. After high school I studied and took my state exam and got my insurance and annuities license. Being in that business I acquired some key skills that will help me succeed in the wedding planning business. People skills, presentations, listening skills and attention to detail, just to name a few. With those skills, what i have learned from the wedding and event planning courses i have taken and my passion to be apart of someone’s special day.


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