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Lorna McLaren

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Lorna McLaren

Beauty is all inclusive.

Hey there! My name is Lorna McLaren and I’m a 21 year old Make-Up Artist from North London with a passion for bringing people’s inner confidence and beauty out of them, through the power of Make-Up.

My goal is to create a comfortable and happy space for my clients, and to ensure that everyone leaves me, feeling amazing about themselves!

I want to work alongside you, to create a look that sings of your own personality and style.

I spent all of my teenage years teaching myself the art of make-up through Youtube tutorials, one day courses and a LOT of trial and error. The earlier years were… interesting but luckily, practice makes perfect! I also picked up experience by doing some freelance work for friends and family for events, and built up my skill and more recently, I studied Make-Up Artistry at the QC Career School.

I studied Photography, Art and English in school, so I feel I have a great sense of aesthetics, style and understanding of how to make the most stunning features of the face, get all of the attention that they deserve.


From a beautifully neutral bridal look to an attention grabbing, special effects Halloween look - I offer any make-up services that are desired.

I am determined and open to working alongside my client to ensure that their vision becomes a reality. But don’t worry if you don’t have a vision! We can come together to help you find one.

Get into contact with me to discuss further into more specific services, pricings and details of any kind!