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event planner , wedding planner

Sit back and relax while your event falls into place courtesy of your new, devoted Events Planner.

Birthdays, Weddings, Conferences, your event planner will successfully organise your event, tailor suited to your needs and expectations.

Your event and wedding coordinator will source all quotes for you and liaise with suppliers on your behalf, saving you time and money by organising the event, leaving your guests with an event to remember.

Choose from an assortment of packages to get you started: Standard, Silver, Gold and Wedding packages are available to suit different events.

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Your Event Planner can organise a variety of events including Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Mile Stone Parties and more!

Choose from the following packages to determine how you want your event planner to organise your event.

The standard packages is quite simply locating a venue and organising a venue. The rest is up to you! This package is best suited for conferences or smaller events where the client would prefer to organise their own entertainment and music. This package sources the best possible location and chooses the optimum food and beverage options to suit the occasion. Tailored to those how wish to save money.

The Silver Package organises the necessities of an event. This involves organising a venue, selecting the appropriate catering options, booking audio/visual technicians and a DJ/Band.

The Gold Package is ideal for those who what to plan a more elaborate event.It is structured so that the client does not need to do anything other than review the final details of the event. The GoldPackage includes organising all aspects of the event - event those not typically seen in an event (want to book a Bridge Climb on Sydney's Harbour Bridge? Your Event Planner will organise it for you!)

- Wedding Package
The Maid-of-Honour you didn't know you had. The Wedding Package will assist the bride-to-be to plan every scratch of detail of the wedding, from the bridal gowns to the wedding cars to the ceremony and the reception. Your wedding planner will help you organise your wedding, saving you time and money and of course, taking the stress out of your special day.