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Sarah Lancaster

wedding planner

Sarah Lancaster


Sarah believes that each and every wedding is both unique and special. She is passionate about helping to make the biggest day in the bride

Sarah is extremely passionate about weddings, it is a passion which has always been there but intensified after planning and arranging her own fantastic wedding from scratch in 2007 which was a huge success.

Shortly afterwards she realised that wedding design was what she wanted to do for a living and enrolled in the QC school of wedding planning and was certified as an international wedding planner.

She has now launched her own wedding design business called WedPlan, and she offers a wide range of excellent wedding services to prospective brides depending on your requirements.

After starting a events company many years ago, she realised that weddings was the key to producing and designing the magical, beautiful events opposed to exhibitions and corporate events, from creating events, Sarah’s creativity and eye for perfection said only one thing, planning and designing weddings was the only thing to do. Sarah’s passion as a artist was referred to as her gift in life and she believes every wedding planner needs to have the artistic creative flare to produce the stunning picture.


Sarah is flexible to anybody’s wedding requirements and you can decide how much or little involvement she has in helping with your big day but as a guideline the main three services that she offers are:

Initial consultancy £50 per hour

This involves a meeting with Sarah where she can offer you the benefit of her experience, contacts and advice. Many brides find this useful for pointing them in the right direction, giving them ideas and getting their thought train started!

Organisational assistance on the big day:£250

Many brides plan their wedding passionately but on the big day itself are obviously busy getting themselves ready so are unable to be on hand at the venue. This is where Sarah comes in and organises everything on the day to your specification and making sure that the big day goes as you planned and without a hitch!

Full wedding planning and design:
Fees for this service are calculated at 10-15% of your overall wedding budget.

This is where Sarah is with you from start to finish, working from your specifications to plan, organise, design and carry off your perfect wedding! This service includes all aspects of your wedding from sourcing a Venue, tracking your budget, devising a design, and sourcing all the necessary suppliers from Florists to stationers to Photographers and Entertainers. The Wedding administration would all be taken care of including arranging appointments, attending meetings, ordering samples and handling all wedding related paperwork ,emails and phone calls, this all concludes by when the day itself arrives every last detail would ensure everything runs like clockwork.