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Amelia Roberts

event planner, wedding planner

Amelia Roberts

0121 557 2123

From small meeting to large wedding and everything inbetween, just leave the details to me... let me plan and manage your next event

Whether you need help to organise an office meeting or about to embark in married life, planning things are very important. But not just planning, executing your plans effectively is just as important... so that's where I come in - you're organising angel in disguise.

Especially with large events or weddings, there is so much to think about, organise and manage, a stress you could definately do without. There's no shame in hiring a professional to do all the worrying for you, that's why we're here!

Mastering event planning is not just a professional qualification, it's a little bit of who you are too - so lucky it runs in my veins then! Organising things (especially parties!) is what comes naturally to me.

Reason why I decided to get an internationaly recognised degree to back up what I've already been doing for a number of years.

So you trust me with your next big event... I guarantee it'll go smoothly!


I can offer flat rate packages or hourly rates, which ever suites your needs best.

Flat rate packages:
- 1st consultation - £50 (consultation fee is waived in a complete planning package)
- Consultation and advise only - £100
- Planning & preparation - range £250 - £1000, depending on size/type of event
- Day of co-ordination - range £250 - £500, depending on size/type of event
- Complete planning package - see below

Flat-rate packages for professional planning services only. Prices for venues, catering, music/entertainment etc. is billed at cost, direct from chosen supplier - budgets for these are discussed and agreed at consultation. A 50% deposit is required to secure services. Hourly rate = £25

Social / seasonal events
Birthday, anniversary, engagement, street parties etc.
Complete planning package:
Small event <50 people £250
Medium event 50 – 100 people £500
Larger events 100+ people £1000

Ceremony and reception only:
Small - Less than 50 people £1000
Medium - 50 – 100 people £1500
Large - 100+ people £2500

Complete planning package: (incl. hen/stag night, bridal shower, rehearsal, ceremony & reception)
Small - Less than 50 people £1500
Medium - 50 – 100 people £2500
Large - 100+ people £4000