Melissa Austin Clark

Melissa Austin Clark
Dallas, TX

Hi there!

My Name is Melissa Clark and I am a Future Wedding and Event Planner.
I grew up with a love of planning and hosting parties of all types, from Family Christmas to Special Birthday Parties and more. It became clear at a young age that I have a very creative mind set and I plan to use that to the best of my ability. While studying to fulfill my dreams of becoming an Event Planner, I currently Work in the Creativity Field. I Manage a Local Art studio where, even now, I can help others harness their inner creator with Painting, Glass, Wood and My personal Favorite, Pottery Wheel Throwing.
I have a Degree in Art & Science, and use that in my own creating on a daily basis, but I want to do and be more.

I strive to do the best in everything that I do, and I will not disappoint here. The Event Industry needs more empowered Women like myself to put their best foot forward and create a brighter tomorrow, one event at a time!