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Kashieka Malcolm

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Kashieka Malcolm


Your Worry Is My Expertise.

I am a hard working, dedicated, diplomatic and zealous individual, who has strong determination and takes pride in successfully completing any task given to the best of my ability. I am team oriented although I am able to function superbly on my own if necessary. I am a Hospitality professional who enjoys making others comfortable in any given situation. My belief is that a job is never done until the client is 100% satisfied. As a perfectionist, I pay close attention to the smallest detail and I listen attentively to my clients' requests to ensure that I understand the intricacies of the task which I am called upon to do.

I work very well in high stress situations, and I do not believe in publicly releasing my frustrations. Rather I remain calm, keep a level head and treat it as an experience to learn something of value from.
I was born and raised in the parish of Kingston & St. Andrew Jamaica, of parents who strongly believe that “education is the key to success”. As a result, upon completion of my high school diploma where I successfully achieved outstanding matriculation of eight (8) Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) subjects; I proudly entered the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) in Jamaica to further my studies. At the University I excelled by starting off on the Dean's List and towards the ending received the Magna Cum Laude award which is the second (2nd) highest honors of the institution. I also received the School of Business award for Hospitality and Tourism Management in my senior year. After four (4) years of hard work I graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science (BSc.) degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management.
As a young graduate, I became hungry for work experience in my chosen career path and so I hastily went on an internship to the United States where I was exposed to the daily operation of the hotel business, mainly in the Food and Beverage department. Always eager to learn new things, I sought training in the Banquets department of the hotel, and there my love and desire to become an Event & Wedding Planner heightened. I searched assiduously online for a complete course in the field, and there I came across the QC Quality of Course Inc. School of Event and Wedding Planning. Without hesitation, I applied and they speedily sent the course work for me to successfully accomplish the task.


I am able to plan and execute any event you would like to have. I specialize in events such as:
Birthday parties
Milestone celebrations
Your dream wedding
Christening Services
You name it, I plan it. Each service begins with a consultation process, where I meet with each client to brainstorm,and get a feel of what they are trying to do, then the planning begins. I gather a few vendors and get them to help with the process, so that your event can become a success. After the event, I have a follow up session where you as the client can tell me whether or not you were satisfied with the outcome of the event,where you think improvements need to be made in the future, and finalize outstanding payments. Do not be pressured into thinking that once you hire me you have to pay 100% up front. There are several packages and arrangements that can be made to suit your budget. However, an initial deposit is required. Set your cares aside as your worry is my area of expertise. I will make your wish a reality.


Kashieka, thank you for joining with me to plan this party. I couldn't have done it without you. It was a blast!!!

Gerald Peterson Robles

I had a great time at the farewell party, please let me know when you are planning another one, I will definately be there.

Celia Hinds

This was the best house party I've been to in a very long time and probably the best in my life.

David M.West