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Kathryn Greenberg

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Kathryn Greenberg

Atlanta, GA

Events Rooted in You

So many weddings and events these days are built primarily to be beautiful for social media, and the client ends up not being a priority. At Rooted Events, we completely flip that focus and create your event, from the ground up, from you and your roots. Using our personal approach, we dig deep into your favorite things, values, lifestyle, and how you function fundamentally. Part of our approach is to utilize personality assessments such as the Enneagram which looks at your primary motivators in life. This allows us to cater the experience to your needs. A client that is motivated by outward success may forget to care for themselves during the planning process, so we may build their self-care into our planning timeline. We bring the event from who you are into a stunning, Pinterest-worthy event.
For weddings, we may look at how you feel when you are with your partner, how you two express your love, what you value as a couple, your favorite ways to spend time together, and what brings you closer as a couple (as well as other fundamental aspects to you and your relationship). From this, we look into themes, color schemes, and other ways to create those feelings into an atmosphere of love uniquely to you as a couple.
We Strive to make the planning process as stress-free as possible for our clients. This may look like talking to a wedding party member that is causing you excess stress, communicating with vendors, or even simply suggesting ways to make sure that you or your relationship doesn't suffer during a typically high-stress time.

After years of thriving off personal connections and authentically serving others, Kathryn Greenberg, our founder, found that those core connections were typically lacking in day-to-day life. She then began a successful career as a professional nanny to create these bonds with children and families. This allowed her to pursue her passion of serving others and showing them genuine connections. In 2020, she decided to bring this approach into another environment- event and wedding planning. Here, she found a deep rooted passion for events and ways to incorporate her philosophy into meaningful events for her clients. Kathryn went on to enroll in the QC event school pursuing an International Event and Wedding Planning Certificate.


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