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Victoria Fenton

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Victoria Fenton


Exquisite Events : Memories to last a lifetime.

Who Am I?

My name is Victoria and I was inspired to study Event and Wedding Planning when I realised I have a flair for attentive details which turn the everyday into the extraordinary.

Why am I able to help you?

To my mind, every Event, however small, should be special. My expansive imagination and vision combined with a grounded sense of practicality and reason allows me to take any brief (from big corporate businesses to tiny, individual and personal celebrations) and turn it into a memorable occasion - however large or small the budget.


I am currently studying with The QC School of Event and Wedding Planning whilst assisting my brother with planning his own wedding.

I have organised promotional drives for businesses and for talks before - taking a hand in the organisational and planning of the logistics behind a brief to ensure seamless execution, however complex.

Why do I do what I do?

My truest sense of fulfilment comes when the guests' impression from an event is one of effortless and graceful flow of proceedings. My aim is to make myself and the planning and organisation structure invisible, leaving only a feeling of relaxed enjoyment for the hosts and guests of every function I oversee. I love the facility in this job to bring real joy to those with whom I work and some Exquisite Magic to every event.


Complete Consultation-to-Completion Event/Wedding Planning, Organisation and Execution ServiceTogether we build a vision and I make it a reality - right until the end.

Complete Planning Event/Wedding ServiceWe decide on what you're aiming for an I co-ordinate every element of your event right up until the day before, where you take over and run your own day.

On-the-Day Event/Wedding ManagementHere I take the stress off your hands, orchestrating all of the elements required during the event itself. Briefed beforehand, here it is my job to take control of the details on the day, freeing you up to enjoy the day.

Consultation ServiceUsing my skills and training I advise and assist you in a one-off appointment designed to inspire you to plan your own event.


I couldn't believe you didn't need me to do anything. When I arrived at the venue, everything was done, everyone knew what they were doing and everyone was just getting on with it. Your phenomenal team organisation just made the whole thing easier than I've ever known...!

Melanie Eclare, Photographer

I couldn't tell you if anything went wrong. The only thing I know is that if it did, I didn't notice. I'm usually so busy and flustered throughout that I forget I'm supposed to be enjoying myself. This year? I couldn't have had more fun if I tried. And the tidying up was done by the time I got up next morning. She's like a helpful, magic fairy!

Alex Sharratt, Community Projects Organiser

I love the little things you've planned: the personalised touches, the items of special significance. I can't believe you've found the essence of magic and brought it to our special day. Thank you - and let's hope that we can all have a celebration worth remembering.

Judith Nicolson, Social Worker and Bride-to-Be