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otherworld event production and design

Kali Vu

corporate event planner, destination wedding planner, event planner, luxury event and wedding planner, wedding planner

Kali Vu

irvine, CA

life is meant to be lived, so let’s have some fun!

otherworld is comprised of celebration enthusiasts passionate about empowering others to live in the present. we find value in celebrations because there are never enough! we believe celebrations can aid longevity, and we want our guests to enjoy and live in the moment before it escapes us.

i am a tenacious spirit with a whole lot of grit.

i believe a life lived without passion is a life unfulfilled. i am an independent professional who is driven by my passions. my true passion is in event production. i have had many opportunities to utilize my planning skills and have been rewarded with invaluable knowledge and experiences that came with those opportunities. i have assisted and lead pre- and post- production for a variety of special events such as corporate events, weddings, art auction fundraisers (palette to palate 2015, art auction 2016: california cool), collegiate banquets, and plenty of surprise parties!

i am more than competent; i am brilliant. as a self-motivated person, i am always looking for more opportunities to learn, empower, and grow.


otherworld is a full-service event production and design company. we will plan celebrations for any occasion, but we love planning for the music, art, and fashion industries. let's plan something special!