Natalie Murray

wedding planner

Natalie Murray
Red Deer, AB

This is your love story....just say yes!

THIS IS YOUR LOVE STORY WEDDINGS is a new business that will make sure your love story is completed with the wedding of your dreams! My name is Natalie Murray and I am new to the Wedding Planning business. I offer enduring passion, commitment and heart to help you and your significant other achieve your wedding goals.

In the year 2005 I graduated from University with a degree in Psychology and since then I've put my energy into various departments of human resources.
I have a great sense of who I am and what I can offer to others. I have always wanted to carry on and become a marriage and couples therapist, but after being involved with a lot of weddings I thought to myself that receiving a degree in Wedding and Event Planning could be another route for me to accomplish what I want to do in life.
I feel that with my past experiences and my passion I could help strengthen couples as they enter a whole new phase of their lives. Just like a marriage, planning one takes a lot of patience, understanding, communication and love. Together we will work together in harmony to make the process a happy occasion.


Since I am just beginning my journey of a Wedding Planner my services are as of right now helping those with Weddings and Events. I will be able to assist with every aspect of the wedding planning process. This will include, setting up meetings, setting up vendors, receptions, florists, caterers, decorations, music, officiants, etc. Please feel free to contact me with any other requests you may need filled.

Remember this is Your Love Story, and I'm here to help you say Yes!