Beauty by Makayla Noelle

Makayla Andrews

makeup artist

Makayla Andrews
Chico, CA

rtist uses the right makeup to magnify the beauty that already exists.

Hey friends! My name is Makayla Andrews and I am professional makeup artist! I have so much passion for makeup, beauty, and helping others see the beautiful creations they are! Nothing brings me more joy than making others feel loved and assisting them on what could be the most important days of their lives! Every client that I come across, doesn't matter age, ethnicity, or personal style-they all deserve to feel beautiful! It's a unique way for me to love on people doing what I love most.

I fully and whole heartedly believe that knowledge and training is POWER. My training and education come from an incredible school that I enrolled through called QC Makeup Academy where I got to learn real professional makeup techniques from real professional artists with serious experience in the makeup industry. With hard work, with months of training and practice it had an incredible impact on my makeup career. The tools and resources that the school provide were clearly not what you would receive from just any school. The lessons that I learned, the professional feedback I got played a huge part, and I am proud to be where I am today. Through my education, I have learned that there is always room to grow and always some new trend or technique to learn! Because of this my artistry has grown immensely, has given me a whole new perspective on makeup application, and it's been a joy seeing my career grow, and the opportunities I have gained with my training.


Bridal Makeup Application
We all dream about looking our absolute best for the one day that we want to look our absolute best for! First we start with a trial, we'll pour some champagne, and go over any specific looks you have in mind! From there the magic happens and you leave looking like a million bucks! My desire is to meet your exact needs and of course you'll be getting my professional service and products a long with it. I want you to feel pampered, special, and of course feeling the most beautiful bride! Lets chat. Lets book! Let make your man drop to his knees when he sees you!

Bridal Party Makeup Application
You should feel honored being apart of a wedding party! Whether you are a bridesmaid, junior bridesmaid, flower girl, mother of the bride or groom you get to be apart of all those amazing photos! What a special role and person you are to be apart of such a special occasion! If you are someone who is intimidated by makeup application, or you too want to look fabulous for the bride and of course photos then feel free to message me! I'm here to help and assist in anyway I can! We all want to look out best for photos and of course making sure we all look put together as part of the wedding party!

PROM Makeup Application
Prom is an occasion where you're going to want to look your best for! A night you will look back and remember the fun night you had with friends and your handsome prom date. Its a night of the school year that young teenagers look forward to and maybe the one night you'll want to look extra glamorous for. There will be parents taking pictures, pictures taken at the venue, and of course you want to look fabulous wearing that beautiful dress that you searched high and low for! Book with me and you just might be the new prom queen!

Photoshoot Makeup Application
For whatever it may be, I would love to assist you and make sure you are feeling camera ready! I'd be there on the side- at your request, ready to step in for any necessary makeup touch ups! Whether it be an engagement shoot, maternity, or any kind of professional photo shoot, I'm ready to help! Not only am I there making sure you glow but I also want to help the photographer out with any potential difficult editing or spots that get in the way! Let's collaborate today!

Special Occasion Makeup
Some occasions just call for extra pampering, and maybe a special lip application. Whether it be for a hot date, an anniversary, or for your sweet valentine, I'm here to make you shine! Nothing brings me more joy than helping others feel beautiful and seeing them smile at the end of an application. Remember you are already beautiful for exactly the way you are but there is no shame needing extra assistance every now and then! Whatever the occasion may be I'm all about getting together and playing makeup! It's like dress up, but it's makeup! Send me a message and get ready with me!