Kimber Fleming

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Kimber Fleming
Philadelphia, PA

I'm a recent graduate of Florida State University. I majored in Humanities with concentrations in Communications, Musicology, and Digital Humanities, and I minored in Hospitality Management. I have backgrounds in customer service, leadership, and event planning on both small and large scales. My goal is to refine my event planning skills in a professional setting, helping clients evolve their desires into something tangible and remarkable!


Kimber was a tireless worker, keeping multiple events going at once with minimal staff. She is insightful, dedicated, tough and impressive in her ability to communicate with a wide array of people in rapid succession all with various immediate needs. Even when the stress was high and there were lots of various people to accommodate, Kimber did not crack under pressure. She gives her all and has honed her multitasking event coordinating abilities to a fine edge, able to take on a wide variety of tasks and execute them admirably.

Gideon Hodge