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Linda Masson

event planner , wedding planner

Linda Masson

Busby, AB

I'm here to help you create the wedding/event of your dreams. To help you create moments that you will treasure for a life time!

Hello!What can I tell you about me? I’m presently enrolled in the Event Planning Course at QC School of Event Planning. I’m excited to be on a path to a new career, a new business and more importantly, I’m excited about helping you create memories that you and your love ones will treasure for years to come.

I have been in the customer service/hospitality industry for over 15 years. I have many years of experience in organizing and dealing with the pressures of meeting deadlines. I’m the type of person that pays attention to every little thing. I believe no detail is too small!I pay very close attention and make sure that things are perfect


• Demonstrated the ability to direct and supervise staff, achieving balance between task and clients’ needs
• Effectiveness in analyzing work flow and communication patterns, to maximize effectiveness of the work team
• Adept in dealing with customer service, reception and multi tasking
• Develop rapport easily with people varying ages and backgrounds

Organized ~ It is my belief that organization is important and a major key in success! This requires multi tasking and keeping on track of all details. With being organized this causes less stress, less chaos, and more time to do what needs to be done. With being so organized with my time, I almost never run out of time nor do I find myself in a mist of “OMG what do I do now?”

Leadership ~ I can follow the direction of a group, but I also can stand up front and take the reins. It’s so important to be able to step in and give others direction when needed. I have the ability to bring out the best in those that I’m working with. Being able to communicate what it is that we need to get done and getting the rest of the group to agree with it. I communicate clearly and passionately! I believe in doing something in pursuit of the vision and inspiring the others to do the same!


What Can I Do For You??
1. Help you create the type of wedding you want. With that knowledge you’ll be able to pick your venue, vendors, colour scheme, theme, music, etc.
2. Help you create a budget sheet and keep track of where your money is going and how much is still owing
3. Help keep you on your budget and not go over … too much!
4. Suggest vendors that fit your budget and ideas.
5. Make a wedding planning schedule so that you know what you’ve done and what still needs to be done
6. Take care of any emergencies that arise
7. Create a wedding day schedule

The following are types of packages that I offer

This is a mini planning kit. I will point you in the right direction. Giving you the basic tools to get the ball rolling; what to do first, what action plan should one kick into motion??

Along with consultation, I save you time by listing to your needs and booking appointments for you with vendors that meet those needs:
• Contact these vendors and describe what you want, what your budget is, if they’re available on your date. This way the vendors already know about you when you walk in the door.
• Help you put together a wedding binder, making it easier to keep track of things.
• Make a floor plan for the vendors and a wedding day schedule

This is hiring me for the wedding day only. I will direct the events of the day and make sure everyone around you is doing their job. Should any emergencies happen I will take care of them. Although you are only hiring me for one days work, in actual fact I would be working on your wedding, anywhere from 30 to 50 hours before the day actually get there, getting prepared. I would meet up with you at least twice to go over the details of your wedding/event


Wedding Date April 18/10 Linda was a god send, she was able to step up and take charge during total chaos!! My wedding was a fast thrown together wedding. Starting planning the 3rd week in February 2010 and married in April 2010. The day of our wedding many others showed up late, and some not at all which left us in a dire need of H-E-L-P. Linda stepped up to the plate taking on tasks that she was not signed up for, such as helping set up my buffet, head table centre pieces, etc BUT most importantly, arranging my and setting/decorating up my wedding cake/table. The cake was plain white with NO DECORATION OR COLOUR. ...THE PICTURES SAY IT ALL!!! ..... Thanks a million Linda (and crew)