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Olive Tyalibongo
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Like Clear Crystal,our services are of Quality.

I am the Founder and Manager of Crystal Events. We are an Events and Wedding Planning Company, based in Birmingham, United Kingdom. We plan Weddings, private parties, Corporate Events, Evening Balls, Banquets and many more vast Events.

I studied with the QC School of Wedding Planning and Events Management. While still studying , I started working for and Events Company called Fresh Thinking which is based in the UK. It works with Birmingham University, they host a variety of Events I worked with them for 3yrs.

Now I am running my own business and I got my experience from Fresh Thinking and my qualifications From QC . School of Wedding Planning and Events Management. I have made a lot of contacts in this field we have our own venders, photographer, Dj, Florist and team that handles all sorts of Decorations.


We cater for the following
• We plan Weddings
• Birthday Parties
• Christenings
• Baby showers
• Corporate Events and meetings
• Banquets
• Balls (themed or non-themed)
• Religious and non Religious Celebrations
• Photographer
• DJ
• Decorations