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Riettamarie DeGraffe

home stager, interior decorator, interior redesigner

Riettamarie DeGraffe

Long Island, NY

With RKbyDesign it's not by chance or by accident; it's byDesign! My passion is helping you enjoy the spaces you occupy.

Hi. It's a pleasure to have the opportunity to share a little bit about myself. But, first let me tell you about my greatest inspiration and influence: my mother! Some of my earliest memories are of those of how my mother decorated our homes. You see, she was a bit of a gypsy. We moved around a lot! And with every move she whipped our new home into something magical.
I'll always remember those curtains in our Brooklyn apartment, my little sisters' bedroom when I came home after being away for the school year, and the way she turned her friend's house into a home when we moved in.
Lasting impressions!

As a teen I was always rearranging furniture and doing something in the house to make it feel or look different. I even wallpapered a windowsill long before I knew it was a thing. I would get a vision in my head and get to work.
That's how it is to this day. Only I've expanded my reach to deliver on my client's visions.

So, when I decided to officially enter the field of Interior Design, I knew I wanted to create a company that would recreate the magic I felt. The RKbyDeseign team works with one goal in mind; a client that feels at home. At home with us and at home in the spaces we create or recreate together.

I began my interior design/decor education at NY School of Interior Design. Life set me on a different course, and I shelved my dream. I discovered QC Career School and my dream was no longer deferred. I got back on course.
Yet, along the way I understood something important, and I have developed a reputation for creating spaces that feel very warm and relaxing, no matter the style. This is my passion!

What I hope you'll learn about RKbyDeseign is that we are honest and competent. Sincere and professional. Knowledgeable and humble, and passionate about getting it just right!

Most importantly is an integral part of our team; is our clients. They are always included in every aspect of the décor and design process, and decision making. They are sharp and want a home that speaks to who they are and how they live. They don't cut corners and neither do we.

The way I see it, everyone has a story to tell. Our homes and the spaces we spend a great part of our lives in are a major part of those stories. So, let's tell some amazing stories together.


Interior Decoration
Interior Design and Re-Design
Home Staging


Rietta does amazing work. Next year I plan to buy my first home and plan on having her decorate it!

Deon Leftenant


OMGoodness! Ri has helped me so much in my thrift shop. I don't have words to describe what a treasure she is. I needed help and there she was. She dressed a couple of my windows and has made order out of chaos. A thousand Thank Yous isn't enough! An amazing job!

Rachel Saez