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Perfectly Unique Interiors.

Ariane Albergo

interior decorator, professional organizer

Ariane Albergo

Suffolk County, NY

"Let's make your place Perfectly Unique, Just like you are."

Hello, My name is Ariane, Nice to meet you. :)

I am an interior Decorator from Long Island, New York. Currently 30 years young and i'd love to bring out my creative side and help bring out yours as well. I've always been into Interior decorating. So much so that I re-decorate/rearrange my room around once a month and i'm always there to help others do the same.

I've studied Photography in high school. Love taking photos and will always have a spark for it but It isn't something i'd like to have a career in.

I have Been big into Social Media Management, Public Relations, and even promotions. Ran my own Promotional site in the past interviewing Musicians, Actors, etc. Contacted managements, Booked shows for musicians i worked for, as well as scheduling interviews for my clients.


Interior Decorating services.
Social Media Management.
Professional Organizer.
Promotional Services.
Public Relations.


Ariane is such a creative soul. She knows exactly what to do and listens to your suggestions. She helped me back years ago on my social media account and promotions and she does an amazing job.



Perfectly Unique Interiors says it all!! Ariane is such a sweet young women and goes above and beyond on what you envisioned on your home. She's a very determined individual! I would recommend you to book a consultation with her.



Ariane is such a bright and energetic women who knows exactly what to do with your home and she is great at social media work as well! I would highly recommend her for the creative home you desire.