Makeup by Ariana

Ariana Plesa

makeup artist

Ariana Plesa
Anderson, CA

Makeup done by professionals you'll be in good hands and always listened to.

Hi my name is Ariana Plesa. I have been doing makeup for four years. I have recently graduated from QC Makeup Academy. I have proven my skills in product knowledge and multi makeup applications. Some of which I have learned such as Bridal, Celebrity, Fantasy, Runway, and Theater makeup applications.

My objective it to share my experience and knowledge in the makeup industry and build a career as a future established makeup artist. I'm up to date on skin care and makeup products. I have a background on freelance artistry of all sorts like drawing and painting. I bring my innovative creativity and skilled experience that I have gained from years spent as a free lance artist into my own unique style of makeup artistry.


Makeup Services
-Everyday look ($40)
-Bridal Makeup with lashes and a consultation ($125)
-Brides Maids ($50), with a consultation ($60)
-Glam Makeup ($75)
- A Graduation ($45)
- Skin Care ($55)