Monica Adams

event planner , wedding planner

Monica Adams
Hampton, VA

"Making It All Come Together"

My name is Monica Rose Adams. I am currently in school to become a professional event and wedding coordinator. I have always enjoyed planning events and making an event come together perfectly. I'm a hard worker when it comes to planning. My approach to design is what ever represents the person(s) who is being recognized. Another approach to my design is theme. I love to make things match together. Therefore, themes are always a plus.

I'm a high school graduate, and am just now entering into the school to become an event and wedding planner. I have lots of experience in planning parties for friends and family. However, I no longer have the pictures from the events that I have planned. I have planned my own 18th birthday party, which was a luau theme. I helped plan my sister's Sweet 16 with the help of her best friend. That theme was Mardi gras. I planned a huge surprise pool birthday party/going away party for a friend with a little help from another friend, but pretty much I was by myself. That's just a few of the parties I've done, but the outcomes turned out GREAT! I'm hoping to take on a couple birthday parties in the next two months to add to my portfolio. One will be my niece's 1st birthday in November and the other will be my boyfriend's mom's birthday, also in November. The parties are a week apart so I'm really hoping to get them to see how that experience plays out. I'm excited!
Skills I Have
I have a lot of skills that help me in the area that I'm interested in becoming a professional at. I'm very good at making other people’s ideas come together perfectly for them. I am a hard worker and I put a lot of time and effort into planning parties to perfection. For example, for my friend's birthday/going away party, I was up till 4 in the morning making cupcakes and decorating. My other friend's mom had to force me to go to bed. =) I'm dedicated. I want to make sure that everything I'm doing is exactly what the quest of honor wants to make sure their outcome is perfect. I'm good with working by myself; however, if I need help I will find the right people I need to help me.

Choose me to make EVERYTHING come together JUST the way you picture it.


I will plan just about any get together a person can come up with.
Potential Parties
Children's Parties (age is not a problem)
Teen Parties
Sweet 16's
Adult Birthday Parties
Engagement Parties
Holiday Parties
Baby Showers

Just contact me, tell me what kind of party, your ideas, and the outcome you would like and I'll take care of all the stressful work so that in the end you can enjoy your time at the party with friends and family.