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Cathy Burgess

wedding planner

Cathy Burgess

Brookfield, NS

cathys magical wedding dream planning and rentals.

My name is Cathy Burgess, I am a wedding planner. I love to plan weddings and help the bride and groom plan one of there most important days of there lives. There can be a lot of stress with planning your wedding so let me help you and take all the stress from you so you and your groom can have the best day of your lives. Soon I will hope to have all the necessary things that you will need for wedding from dresses to table cloths and if I do not have it I will try my hardest to help you find just what you want.

I am a grade 12 graduate from high school and I am furthering my education with a wedding planning course. I am a 27 year old female who has been married for a year and love planning my own wedding that I wanted to help others with there special day. I planned my own wedding and had no hired help and went to 2 different provinces to find what I wanted so that is why I want to open my own wedding planning business. I have help my sister and my brother plan there weddings. Also I caterid a wedding as well. So I hope that I can help you out with your special day and help make it the best day of your lives.


I want to help with all the details from what invitations that you want to the color of the table cloths. Also In will go with you to help with your dresses to the grooms tuxedos. I will travel with you and help you find all the things that are necessary to help with the planning. I hope to have all, that you are looking for at my shop but If I do not I will help you find it. I will be over looking the wedding day with the decorations and all the little details even down to the payments will you are only worried about your self and having the time of your life. For extra fees i will help with the honeymoon details as well. If I have to travel past 20 km there is another fee. I am also to help make sure that you satay on budget and stay on track. If you have any questions or want to know fees please call me. all talks are fee. thank you for your time

cathy burgess