Testimonials for Joy Bresson

hello my name Lynn and I am 58 years old its been yours since I wear makeup and joy did my make and the steps she took were amazing she took time and made sure things were properly in place and the tips she gave ere great. everything was clean and neat and I ask her questions on what was importance to when comes to makeup she gave the most heart warming things took care for your face. I am very pleased, I looked way different like a brand new women

lynn barnett


she is a great person she greets people with a bright smile she starts a conversation by asking what can I do for you she builds a relationship and what I like is she really cares she uplift and impower women gives them something I never thought makeup could ever do and the transformation was unbelievable I would soooo go back to her she brillant

cassity weller


I was getting married and and she was a good friend of my brothers they worked together never a less my makeup ladies cancelled i was in a frantic what was i going to do if it wasn't for her i wedding was saved my brothers said hay we know some one she new exactly what i wanted and the look i was needing she is very good one i say there not a day that goes by she dont practice or take photos off she was born for this she deserves this

Romona Martinez


My sister amazing and she great at makeup

Brenda cason