Darya Mohler

wedding planner

Darya Mohler
Courtenay, BC

Congratulations! The most exciting adventure is ahead!

For many years I have travelled exotic countries such as New Zealand, The Cook Islands, Mexico and Costa Rica. My journeys bring a unique flair for individual style and cultured design.
Attention to detail and a love for design come naturally for me and combined with the understanding of how important it is to express ones image and style on only one day, the wedding day, makes for a completely individual, well pulled together event. My desire is for the Bride and Groom to feel secure that their long awaited day will be everything they have dreamed of; thus, from intimate to grand venues every budget, always beautiful, always individual.

Ensure your walk down the isle is one of joy, peace, confidence and complete satisfaction.

After planning and arranging my own wedding, designing and managing the dining room for my sister-in-laws wedding, and successfully organizing a friends wedding of 75 people in only 5 weeks, I decided to pursue wedding planning as a career. Having received a diploma in Spanish and spending the last four years as a private teacher I have learned not only how to instruct but to guide. Prior to that I spent three years as a hostess in a local fine dining restaurant, which makes me confident in organizing, running and maintaining a calm, sophisticated atmosphere at any venue. To add to my knowledge I have also taken courses in photography, and spa relaxation techniques.


"Your wedding...the exciting, romantic experience it was meant to be."
It is well known how overwhelming planning a wedding can be for both the Bride and Groom. Not only are there numerous decisions to make and numerous options to choose from but there are also separate ideas, desires and visions to be blended into one. Once the day has been planned there is also the task of executing it. This alone can be intimidating and seemingly impossible. Who is going to make sure the venue is set up right? Who is going to tell the Bridesmaids when to go? Who is going to make sure the reception has continual flow? With the help of a wedding planner your wedding suddenly goes from a daunting task to the exciting, romantic experience it was meant to be. It is my job to encourage, organize, guide, and advise you throughout this process, helping with things such as:

Creating and maintaining budget
Choosing venue location
Incorporating family or religious ceremonials
Finalizing rentals
Unique decor ideas
Design concepts
Rehearsal dinner
Day of coordination
Wedding etiquette
Use of “Bride and Groom's Survival Kit”
And of course much more. ..

Whether your taste is modern, traditional, extravagant or understated I will work alongside you to see your dream day realized. Knowing your wedding will be well thought out, executed and polished, will ensure your walk down the isle is one of joy, peace, confidence and complete satisfaction.

There are many styles of Bride and Groom. Some enjoy being fully involved and would like a consultant to only coordinate the day of affairs, while others want to simply make the big decisions and entrust the rest to their planner. For that reason, I tailor each wedding individually to meet exactly the desires and needs of the Bride and Groom, from budget and style to decorating and decision making. Because each wedding is so individual I also create completely custom packages. To find out what will suit your wedding the best, please contact me!