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Payton Radocaj

interior decorator

Payton Radocaj

Winnipeg, MB

Décor made Simple but Significant

My younger self was very creative always drawing, coloring, crafting and creating. I loved using my imagination and exercising my originality. As an adult I have found a way to continue to embrace those childhood qualities through Interior Decorating.

My passion is in combining creativity and practicality to create a uniquely powerful decor indoors or out using color schemes and lighting options. Through common consideration, flow, elements of interest, focal points and architectural features I aim to define a space that can be whatever you are looking for! If your vision is posh and polished I will utilize contrast and texture to make it happen. Looking for something on the opposite spectrum? Perhaps fully functional and family friendly? Lets create it! Whether you desire a home or office space and whether that space be bold and edgy or classic and timeless together we can formulate a plan to meet both your budget and goal. With my attention to detail and value in quality we can formulate a decor concept that you can relish for years to come.


Interior Decorating - International Design & Decorating Professional (IDDP) Certificate
QC Design School
Ottawa, Ontario

Pending Certification: Home Staging


I am currently offering Interior Decorating in person only (following current health guidelines) as a work toward my certification in Virtual Design. In the coming weeks I will be adding to my repertoire; Home Staging followed by Landscape Design, Professional Organization and Feng Shui Design.

My services are unbiased and my fees currently are as follows:

$100.00 for my initial in home 1/hr. client consultation. This one hour consultation consists of an hour’s worth of expert advice, guidance, idea generation, and a summary of our conversation and idea starters.

If you decide to work with me becoming a paying client, I will create a final bill at the end of the project. At that time, I will reduce the amount owing me for design fees by $50.00...thus making your initial consultation half price!

Interior Decorating Services:

Service Provided Rate

Finishing or Accessorizing $ 100.00 - $300.00 per room
Floor Planning $150.00 - $400.00 per room
Full Room Decorating $200.00 - 600.00 per room
Full Home Decorating $700.00 +

* Rates are based on square footage and do not include any additional expenses, such as material costs or additional contractors. All rates are subject to GST. A non-refundable deposit of 30% is due upon agreement of services to secure your date.