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Melissa Fanning

event planner , wedding planner

Melissa Fanning

San Diego, CA

I have always been the one in my group of friends to plan every little event and/or outing. It has been a habit of mine for many years to plan out everything in detail from time, location, budget to people's needs. I am passioniate in making sure every person involved in the event is happy with the end result. I know what hard work goes into an event from every angle whether its the planner, the client or the vendors.

My name is Melissa Fanning and I am 23 year old recent graduate of California State University of San Marcos. I received my bachelor of Arts in Sociology in May 2010 and am also certified in wedding and event planning.I currently work at Stone Brewery and have worked many of their events from the other side so that I can see how much hard work goes into the event itself. I have also helped plan my best friends wedding and will help out with a few more this year I live in beautiful San Diego, California and can not wait to begin planning events all over the city.


I would like to be able to provide great locations and excellent vendors to my potential clients. I want to make my clients feel as though I am there to guide them and give them the best options for their budget and desires.