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Jaclyn Evans

event planner , wedding planner

Jaclyn Evans

San Marcos, CA

Want one day that could last a lifetime?

I am a young adult who has always had a passion for planning things and making sure everything happens and it is successful. I love to be creative and to do all kinds of new things and see where life can take me. Event planning is something I knew I always wanted and I hope to achieve great things with it.

In college, I met my best friend and our nick names were "Other Half". Event Planning is an adventure we started together by doing the QC Event Planning certification program and we hope to eventually have a business titled, My Other Half together.


Any type of event that you have even simple questions about is what I am here to help you with. From simple to the most extravagant. From corporate, to birthday parties, to holiday parties, weddings, milestones, anniversaries, funerals, to any kind of event you could possibly dream of.