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Adam Khalifa-afara

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Adam Khalifa-afara

Anaheim, CA

Orange County's leading Wedding Florist..

Magnolia Wedding Services specializes exclusively in imaginative weddings, creative private parties and exciting corporate events. We can help you visualize your dreams and create a very special day filled with surreal memories that would last a lifetime.


Our professionally equipped, city approved private design studio is conveniently located in Anaheim.

Consultations are free and by appointment only. We can meet in the comfort and privacy of our studio or at your selected venue site.

If you reside out of the area and/or planning a destination wedding, let's work together through the phone and on the internet to help visualize your dream wedding.

Our services also include photography, videography, makeup, lighting, cake and limousine services.


My husband and I wanted to take a moment and express to you our gratitude for your hard work and effort into making our wedding, a truly special day. From the moment we met you and hired you, you have administered true professionalism, in both your business manners and your artistic work. As a bride there were so many things I wanted to do to make my wedding a true fairy tale, and with your help and innovative ideas you made my fairy tail come true. There was not one guest that did not pay his/her compliments about the centerpieces and the wonderful flower arrangements. I thank you for working with us and helping us, bring our wedding wishes to life. Most importantly we thank you for working with our budget and making it affordable for us. Sincerely the Newly Weds,


I would like to start off by saying thank you SO MUCH for everything you have done as far as my wedding planning. Not only did you just do the job, but you also gave me ideas, advice, and always had an open mind with everything. Your generosity and willingness to help is truly one in a million!!! When I first came to you, I knew right off the bat that I was in good hands. You came with open arms and an open heart and that is what attracted me the most to want to work with you. You made the process so easy for me and of course less stressful. A normal person would think that choosing flowers for your wedding is a simple thing, but little do they know that a lot more is involved with it. I think that choosing the right person to do the job is critical and I couldn't have found a better person that would have done the job well other than you. When I first walked into the ballroom it was so beautiful and so full of life!!! Everything was in place and everything turned out so perfect. I have never received so many compliments and of course it was all because of you. You truly put all your heart into what you do and I am very thankful that I found someone that was so helpful and kind to make the most important day of my life turn out so perfect. I would definitley recommend you to anyone and I am positive that they will be in good hands. Thank you again so much for your hard work and dedication!! Sincerely,


My husband Robert, my daughter Jamie and her husband Thomas, as well as my sisters Debbie and Sandy, and my mother Nolia, want to thank you sincerely for the awesome job you did for Jamie and Thomas' wedding yesterday, 7.26.08. The church was magnificently adorned, and our wedding coordinator could not stop repeating how beautiful the church looked, and that she's never seen it so beautifully decorated. She even took a picture of everything you decorated so that she could show it to her daughter. She, like many others, were genuinely complimentary of everything in the church, and could not praise you enough for how beautiful you arranged everything. The pride and dedication to perfection are inherent in the quality of your work, and it was demonstrated even further, at the wedding reception at Ports O' Call Restaurant. Every guest in attendance could not help but comment on how beautifully decorated the reception room was done, and had nothing but high praise for your talent in creating a spectacular setting for celebrating Jamie and Thomas' wedding. I was even approached by guests in attendance at the wedding reception across the hall, asking who did the floral decorations saying how beautifully it was all arranged, and asking for your name and location. This gives testament to how genuinely talented you are Adam, and how proud you should be for the dedication and hard work you demonstrate to create a lasting and memorable occasion for all your clients. We could not have been happier for all that you created to make Jamie & Thomas' wedding ceremony and reception a complete success. You treated us like family from the moment we walked into your establishment, and your genuine concern for my family and for the work you would create for my daughter's wedding could not be more humbly appreciated. We wish you continued success in all your endeavors, and my family sends their regards and well wishes. Take care,

Myra Blomgren

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