Emma Baker

event planner

TinkerBow - All your event needs!

TinkerBow Events is a family run buisness that takes pride in its hands on attitude and personal touches.
We cater for any event, whether it be a small intermate family party to an extravagant wedding. TinkerBows main priority is that each event taking place has a personal dedicated planner who is contacable 24hours a day and always on hand for any last minute questions of problems.
We want our clients to be able to sit back, relax and know that their special event is in safe hands.

TinkerBow offers a free consulatation service if we are hired and a small fee if no booking is made.
TinkerBow offers three diferent packages that can be tweaked to suit the indivdiual client.

Planning and Preperation Package-
This package includes finding vendors and services, mainly all the details co-ordinated up to the day before the event.

On the day co-ordination Package-
This means that TinkerBow would be there on the day of the event for direction, problem solving - pretty much anything you can think of on the day.

The Complete Planning Package-
This is the most popular package and means that TinkerBow organises the whole event and any other related activities.
This package is guarenteed to save the client time, money and to stay on budget.

Our aim is for a memorable and succesful event!