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Julia Morris

makeup artist, special fx makeup artist

Julia Morris


Top Tier Beauty

I’m Julia :) I am a special effects makeup artist. Special effects makeup is my passion and I thrive to get better every day. I have had a school degree in sfx makeup.

I have a lot of experience doing special effects makeup on others as I volunteer at my local theatre doing all kinds of makeup from things such as fake beards to black eyes to burns and old age and transforming men to females and females to males of any age. I also enjoy doing glam makeup to which I have done family members and friends makeup for events such as weddings etc.


To book me to do makeup email me at makeupmaster1@hotmail.com My prices range from what type of makeup I’m doing. But I also do makeup for free if I’m working with others as I just want to the most experience I can :) because the dream is to do makeup for the set of the tv show casualty :)