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Danelle Blazejovsky

event planner , wedding planner

Danelle Blazejovsky

Milwaukee, WI

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Interior Design is my passion, so I went to MATC to get my Associates degree. After loving my internship and getting hired to work part time from where I interned, I started to develop a passion to go back to school for wedding and event planning. So one day when I would get married, I could plan my wedding and know what I’m doing. I enjoyed it enough to want to start a new career Wedding and Event Planning.

While finishing my certificate I got engaged and planned my whole wedding, which put a hold on school. Now done with my wedding, and had fun and loved planning my own wedding, I finished up my schooling and got my certificate in wedding and event planning.
I have currently been working and Sendik's food market, where I have been employed for six years. Working at Sendik's has also helped in my planning for weddings and catering events, because there I am in charge of all catering and also am a chef. So it gives me a good idea on types of food and amounts needed to feed large amounts of guests.
I am also working part-time at Steinkellner Decorating Center, this is where I internship for interior design. I have been working there for about three years, and I believe that having a background in interior design helps in wedding and event planning, because then I also have great decorating ideas for weddings and events.


• On-site assistance
• Cuisine
• Invitations
• Photographer
• Videographer
• Rentals
• Linen
• Wedding Cakes
• Formal Wear
• Tents
• Entertainment
• Décor
• Lighting
• Travel
• Guest Travel
• Transportation
• Welcome bags
• Hair and Makeup
• Day-of Service
• Honeymoon Accommodations


I have been to several weddings across different states and of other cultures. The Blazejovsky wedding, the one union that stands out from the others I have respectfully attended. Mrs. Blazejovsky was surprisingly calm the entire time. This shouldn't be surprising however for a bride to plan the event with her own resources and stay so calm is greatly admired. The event went very smoothly and everything fell into place. There was no hassle involved and the reception was breath taking. The theme was a beautiful end of summer theme with fuscia and purple lighting while the table centerpieces reflected a romantic setting. I have to say that as a former supervisor for the largest international dining service I was impressed with the options for cuisine. The food spoke well for the couples intimate gathering while expressing the finest cuisine offered in the Milwaukee Metropolitan area. The music was chosen according to the tastes of Mr. and Mrs. Blazejovsky and had an excellent mix of style and genre. After viewing the photography that was taken it is evident that it was a special day for everyone that was invited or involved in the Blazejovsky wedding. Mrs. Blazejovsky, knowing her on a more personal level, I can confidently speak to her quality of knowing what an individual's personality holds and how to make a dream wedding as I was a guest at her dream wedding. I will definitely be asking her for recommendations when it comes time for my special day.

Tiffany Marie Wilhelm

The wedding events went flawlessly. You could tell they were well planned. The atmosphere at the wedding was joyous, and the reception was a celebration! The flowers were absolutely beautiful, the colors were vibrant. The Grain Exchange reception hall was teh perfect place for a dinner and reception. The hall was awesomely decorated and the table favors thoughtfully planned for the guests. The food was fantastic and the service was great. All of the people assisting with wedding events all day (pastor, music, photographer, flowers, cake, reception, limo driver) helped keep everything focused on the celebration that this was!

Karen Tarantino