QC Career School

Tangles of Evans

Ashley Williamson

hair stylist, makeup artist

Ashley Williamson

Harlem, GA

insta: ashleytaylor.hair

I am an extremely creative person. Becoming a stylist and makeup artist has allowed me to express myself in ways I never knew was possible! Taking a clients ideas and making them into reality is my passion. I want everyone I work with to feel unique and free to truly express who they are, through their own individual look.

Stylist at Tangles of Evans.
Bringing makeup and skin care into the salon with this new license.
Expressing myself through my work for a year now.
Actively bringing in new clients everyday.
Showing clients what products work best for them.

Went to cosmetology school to get my license to be a Master Cosmetologist.
Soon to have my certificate for QC Makeup Academy.
I assisted in a salon for 6 months before I found my salon home, where I am currently a level 1 stylist building my clientele and the only one in the salon currently offering makeup services.