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Delaney Jones

makeup artist

Delaney Jones

Okeechobee, FL

Hi guys! My name is Delaney Jones but you can call me Laney!
I have always had a passion for make up (I've been getting serious with make up since I was 13) I first started off selling Younique (at 13) to help out my mom, since she was a single mom raising two girls and I just fell inlove with make up! I would sit and watch/Practice and follow along to Make up tutorials for hours at 13 years old! My biggest goal is to become certified MUA, Have my own make up studio, be able to be apart of a beautiful beauty community, and have the opportunity to enhance confidence!
I believe that all women are Beautiful without make up- but with the right make up can be pretty powerful!
"Just a girl with a few blending brushes and big dreams!"

Xoxo, Laney!


Hi! My name is Laney, I am a Make Up Artist from Florida!
Thank you for you inquiry, I would love the potentially work with you!
Below is the Categories I practice in!
- Soft Glam Make Over
-Full Glam Make Over
-Glitter Glam Make Over
-Bridal Make Over
-Bridal Trials
-Bridesmaid Make Over
-Wedding Family Make Over
-Junior Bridesmaid
I will Travel too!
And would love to help you seek exactly what your looking for in a Make Over!
For more Information please Follow or DM my instagram {Laneyxo_mua}
Xoxo, Laney