Bethel Event Planning

Judith Gyasi

event planner, wedding planner

Judith Gyasi
Decatur, GA

We seek to make every moment amazing and spectacular

In today's social day and time, Bethel event planning seeks to use modern ideas and technology to make every event a memorable one. Our capable staff is at your disposal and ready to assist you so stop by and let us amaze you.

Bethel Event Planning is built on the principals of love, family, peace, respect and harmony. Any family knows that moments shared with loved ones are the bedrock of a strong home. The laughs at the thanksgiving get-togethers, picnics and weddings are so strong that it is only fair to share our beliefs by making sure you experience these memorable times at your event.


Our wide range of services include a free consultation, Party decorations, party rentals, vendors management, excellent organization. We also offer waitress and waitresses for your event and a wide range of bartenders and children party activities.