Color Choice Consulting

Colleen Peterson

color consultant

Colleen Peterson
Dillon, MT

Color with confidence!

Paralysis by analysis….., that was me when trying to choose a new paint color for any room in my home! I was terrified of making the wrong choice! Call me a perfectionist, but I just wanted to get it right, and get it right the first time, so what happened? I did NOTHING. I froze! I couldn’t choose a paint color with any sort of confidence, so I left many of the rooms in my house wallow in their ‘80s décor. Ugh….
Finally, I decided to take tackle this phobia head on and study color. I mean reeeaaaaallly study color. I read and digested everything I could on hues, tones, shades, saturations and color trends. I studied color theory, the psychology behind the uses of color and gained an understanding of how color affects human emotions & behavior. Color no longer was my foe, but rather my friend, and I embraced it, so much so that I have started my own color consulting business designed to help others "choose color with confidence".
“Color Choice Consulting, LLC” is my new business. My goal in starting this venture is to assist you in creating spaces in your home or workplace that are aesthetically beautiful and functional! I can assist you in creating beautiful spaces with cohesive color palettes that create unity, harmony & interest in your space and in your life! You have a vision for your home or office, let me bring that vision into focus for you.
I specialize in interior and exterior color schemes that integrate the art of color with the science behind it. WHY does a space make you feel a certain way? WHAT color choices can you make to help evoke certain emotions when you are in a space? HOW can color influence buying choices, augment sales and create a positive customer experience in the retail & commercial arena?
Color is a very personal and subjective component that is around us every waking moment. It affects our behavior in so many conscious and unconscious ways. Let me tailor make a color scheme that creates the mood you crave. A home that nurtures you or a workplace that excites, energizes and enhances productivity!
Create the space you imagine with the perfect color palette. Choose your colors with confidence with the help of Color Choice Consulting, LLC.

I am a college graduate and worked as a Cardiology medical sales specialist the past 17+ years. It was a great job, but I was burned out. My right side brain was telling me to do something creative! I signed up for the QC Design School Color Consulting course and started my own business, Color Choice Consulting, LLC. I look forward to the journey ahead and assisting clients create a space that they envision, through thoughtful color palette and design choices.


On-Site Tour/Consultation: $75
Virtual Color Consultation (color palette only): $50/hour. 3 hour minimum
Single Rooms start at: $50. Each additional room .30/sq. ft.