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Eve Taylor

wedding planner

Eve Taylor

Chaswood, NS

Offering Experience and Elegance

I am Eve Taylor, the person who can make your wedding day all that you dream and wish it be by guiding you through your planning experience. I offer a complete start-to-finish service, providing guidance, expertise and experience. It is my aim to make the whole wedding process an enjoyable and relaxing time by helping you make the right decisions, by enabling you to stay within your budget, assuring you that everything will go as you desire for that special day.

I live in Chaswood, N.S. with my family. I have a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Education, a Master of Education and a Master of Arts in Education degrees.
Having been an educator for twenty-seven years, I have organized and have supervised many events such as concerts, fundraisers, banquets and graduation ceremonies.
I have, also, aided in the planning of seven weddings and receptions, two of which I coordinated myself. I have planned and overseen several bridal showers and wedding related events.


E and E Wedding Planners offer the Complete Planning service, a start-to-finish service which will aid in planning the wedding of your dreams. This service includes consultations, venue scouting and price comparing, arranging meetings, budget tracking, scheduling of bridal events, rehearsal coordination and set-up, wedding ceremony coordination and set-up and payment handling. This service can vary depending on the wishes of the couple and the services required. The fee for this service will also depend on their expectations.
E and E Wedding Planners offer consultations. Maybe the bride-to-be has already decided that she does not require a complete wedding planner service but would like to speak with some one who could offer ideas and advice about the services that will be required to make her wedding day complete as well as someone who could discuss and help her arrange a budget guideline from which she may work.
E and E Planners offers a ‘final weeks’ service as well as a ‘Day-of’ service. The bride-to-be has done the initial planning but has run out of time and steam and wishes for someone to pull the loose strands together to allow her time to focus and to enjoy the final days before and the day of her wedding. The planner will consult with the vendors to see if they are on schedule, prepare the rehearsal and wedding day itinerary as well as direct the rehearsal and then to oversee the preparations and arrangements of the ceremony and the reception. The ‘Wedding Day’ service allows for the planner to confirm the vendor arrangements for the wedding day, to receive deliveries and to greet the vendors and to oversee and direct the ceremony and the reception.